Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Chapter: Heroes Of Our Own

Good evening to all 

I hope that our neighbours south of the border are looking forward to their festivities and the fourth of July celebration. I have many friends that live there and who have all proven an inspiration to me at various points in my life and whom are still a part of my day to day life whether with me or not. 

Despite our differences as neighbours on opposite sides of the border, I think that we can safely say that we've got your back as often as we can say we get your backside ;-)

Happy Fourth Of July!

I proudly present this addition for the women of Heroes Of Our Own

This is dedicated to all of you out there in the fashion arts industry and to those working on life saving and changing research and volunteer efforts to make life better. As well dedicated to Comic Books creators of the world and to Milla, Mir, Tamela, KH and DH, iJ, FC, SoKo (search my site) and Mom. Each of you heal us in different ways for which I am eternally grateful for. When you combine them amazing things can happen.

Its a very busy set of chapters and there will be some serious turns.

Torman confronts his fears. Monique confronts a friend. Valkyra confronts Hugh. Alicia proves that experience can be far more valuable than power alone. Weltherwithsp lends it's voice to their search. Heylyn unites them, for they are Heroes Of Our Own.


PS. I'm going to prepare for the next attack upon me by my stalkers as they usually time them with any post.

I'm off to enjoy a game of Sims 3 and possibly a bit of Superhero MMO. See you online.

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