Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy International Women's Day

Just a message here to say Happy International Women's Day.

As my part for this Women's Day I did something that I did a few years ago when Canada was under the leadership of Stephen Harper. I wrote a letter to our current Prime Minister with regard to the same issues regarding the protection and fair treatment of Women in our society. The last time I wrote such a letter, I received an official written reply (not a canned response) which addressed all of the issues I cited.

I have much confidence in our current Prime Minister and support the family of the Prime Minister's office in the attaining of those goals and others.

Of course while I wrote the letter and not long after I was harassed by my abusive neighbors in much the same way the cult has been doing so in the community I live. They`re part of the blue brown team and believe blue brown to represent "blue hell" and often try to achieve that as its representation every day (so they can conduct their nightly hate ritual).

They're also part of a gang that when I do any such thing like that, try to steal it and apply it to their cult members. So they literally steal anything that I do and credit it to their members and attempt to dump their garbage onto me. The same with my books too and that's actually why I stopped writing them. I probably wont be compelled to continue A Lady's Prerogative: The Game as a result as well. Between this morning's abuse at the Church and today's attacks by the local cult it was far too bad to forgive and forget. Not to mention that this cult are all about protecting crack cocaine locally and within the building. Most activity of that nature has moved from the streets thanks to political pressure and come inside (though the building has been pretty clean lately in that regard and is getting better all the time).

The cult conduct their abuse because they don't want their victim to appear nice (or too red). That's because they want to do things by the idea that hate means love and love means hate (which is not how I do things at all and never have). They know my love interest is Oriental and any time I let that be known, they try to redefine love and hate so that by saying I love her, it means to this cult that I hate her or anyone else I`ve proclaimed I love. As well there are elements of a criminal gang and they want to protect certain drugs (mostly crack cocaine and heroine). So if I speak out against that kind of activity around here, they want it to mean the opposite (like I`m standing up for it). Not to mention that the cult involved want to dump their activities and the burden for them onto a Woman on the basis of her culture (because she`s Oriental). If they abuse me and I seem insensitive then that will also lose me the letter that I wrote to the Prime Minister`s office (because if I contradict it, then how can it be mine?).

As well any time I do stuff like that, they harvest it from me and dump their garbage onto me (which they call milking a cow). So they steal what I say and do which they then credit to someone else in a sort of Naziism (which I am not despite the fact that I love German culture). So no, I am not a Nazi. You should hear it in here. They get into these frenzies of hate and it really makes you feel horrible. I'm sure there's many people who know what I mean.

Anyhow this is about Women and making sure they get the good right? That's why I wrote the books that I did and why I stand against this cult who often try to steal what other people do so they can give it to people they choose while dumping their garbage onto the person who made it or contributed to it so that anything that comes from them is a burden to Women, not a benefit as its intended. My love interest is a Woman despite the fact that I support Gay and Transgender rights too and I'm not dancing on that. I really do support those rights. She just happens to be a different culture than mine (as I've said I'm 48 years old, 6'0" tall and about 180 lbs with dark hair and she`s Oriental and within 14 years of my age but I won`t say if she`s older or younger). Women get better with time and you can take that how you want but even if you`re young it means that you`re already pretty good and that you'll just keep getting better so you've got everything to look forward to. Its not a reason to pit young against old or something like that to divide people.

I've got friends in the United States too, and three of them areinfluences for The Butterfly Dragon (and one of them is a former Canadian resident). Likewise there's American members of the Sanctum in the book A Lady's Prerogative (who I've not cited as being such but they are). So this isn't about isolating people but I have to get myself away from this cult for certain lest they steal everything.

Here's the thing. I would have shared with them and others but they tried to steal it instead and in doing so and by their abuse I made the decision to cut them out and so they're taking it. So they started that conflict so that I couldn't appear such a nice person for sharing any good I produce because they want someone else to have that credit, hence why they steal it. They use such things to build someone else while treating me very abusively. I'm serious when I say that locally its like a cult keeping you imprisoned in a community and anything good that comes to you for what you produce they steal and hand out to others. You get nothing at all and when you go out in the community you get treated like crap. Whenver there's a chance the cult will be caught or exposed they do everything that they can to hide it, including swapping your identity with someone else's. They're racists as well against my love interest being Oriental so that's the real problem with them. They forcibly try to give others the impression that I am in a relationship with someone in this building (which I am not as I am single) and that I use the services of sex trade workers (which I never have). That's blue hell I guess and that's why I'm going to take it apart by revealing every secret associated with its methodology. Its also a cult that believes in "pure" blood ie only one culture and no other cultures. Its blood they make you pay for by stealing the credit for what you accomplish or by making you carry the weight of their burden.

The cult see these posts as burden and they try to get me to create negative posts which they burden onto others that supported me at one point so they can prop someone else up to look much better (because they don`t get abused at all). So the cult dumps this as much and as often as they can on me hoping that I`ll post it so they can put it onto whomever I haven`t protected or stood up for. I guess that`s kind of like a gun in a way though I`m not a gun at all.

An example of what this cult do has to do with something I'm into in an erotic sense which is hypnosis and mind control related content, but obviously not for real and as role play and definitely not involving violence. This cult might illegally spy upon my net activities in that way which I completely disagree with and I've reported it to the Police and RCMP with little help but that's another story. If I was doing anything wrong, I'd probably not report anything.

So something that regularly comes up on some of these sites on youtube is something called possession or body swapping (which I guess this cult somehow associates with hypnosis). Anyway if you watch something on youtube, the cult someone sees that as a license to really try to do that thing to you or others without their permission. So if its control related role play in a video, they might actually try to do that to you or others in real life. The cult watches your watch history for such things and really I'm not into anything abusive nor anything that is not fun for both parties. You might watch something once and see its not your thing and the cult having spied on your watch list will then assume that you do like it and try to do it to you or others for real. It would be like if you watched a movie on television with a shootout and this cult really tried to have a shootout with you (or someone else) right in front of you.

Here's the hypocrisy of this cult. I also really like massage videos because I like to see Women in pleasure and I really love giving massages. In just about every relationship I've been in I've been a massage once a week kind of person for my girlfriend. Its a real turn on giving them for certain and I watch a lot of youtube videos in that regard to get ideas and learn new tricks and because its a turn on to make a lady feel good and no I'm not possessed by anyone else right now, as I'm really Brian Joseph Johns. The cult in me watching those videos does not somehow visit massages upon the Women that I like or my specific love interest. Nothing like that happens with me either. But when I watched just about thirty seconds of a body swap or possession video, this cult tries that constantly for real. And as far as the body swapping this cult tries that because they want to create any excuse they can to steal someone else's identity and give up theirs to their victim. If your identity is good or better than theirs they attempt to steal it and give up theirs to you. They might try to trick someone else into going along with that by trying to trade them another identity like that of a star (which I don't want because I'm happy with my own identity and even with my own quirks). Tom Cruise is one of their favorites for trying to lure me into swapping identities or Hugh Jackman, both of whom I admire as great actors and talented performers but that's not the point. I like being me even if I'm poor. I don't strive to be poor though, I strive to succeed and despite my quirks I am happy with the person that I am. This cult obviously sees value enough in it to devise these means to steal my identity and to dump theirs onto me. They also literally believe that they can control me as well so they watch for me to accomplish anything so they can steal it by those means while dumping their identity and deeds onto me.

Their spying on my computer is like window shopping to them. So if they see something good to steal they try to do the identity swapping. Its amazing how many people get into that as well and actually do nothing about it despite the morality of it. So anyway, this is a bad cult. Tonight they tried to put the garbage of someone whom was most likely responsible for carving marks onto a Woman's chest and possibly importing opium which I reported to the sex crimes unit of the Toronto Police Service. This is not a Woman with whom I was involved as a boyfriend or as a sex trade customer (I don't hire call girls or prostitutes but I do believe in protecting their health and safety). This cult in here literally spied on my computer and attempted to steal it from me and then put someone else's garbage onto me in that regard. For this cult its a competition of doing so. They do that often so that burden ends up on me and then ends up on someone else I admire. The cult often do it because they're racists trying to put their garbage onto other cultures (they know my love interest is an Oriental lady and I'm a Caucasian guy 48 years old). So this cult try to transfer their garbage onto me to hit the members of her culture. So they literally might try to stick that occurrence to me and then to someone that I am attracted to so it sticks to the cultural group of my love interest. So I protect Women and this cult tries to hurt them. The cult try to paint someone else as not being worthy of a relationship for whatever reason and they literally try to keep their victim from one so as to keep that person as a garbage bag permanently. I'm not a pedophile nor an abuser so there's no good reason for doing so. When you`re protective of Women the cult try to steal that to clean themselves off and then dump their garbage onto you. So I after everything I did in that regard the cult tried to steal everything and dump their garbage onto me so as to keep me single and unemployed so they could use me as a garbage bag for their activities. As I said they protect their garbage bags, they`re a criminal gang, why would they want their garbage leaked out all over the place by having it fall of one of their garbage bags? The cult might try to make this sound like love means hate and hate means love, one of the tricks that they use often. So if I said my love interest is Oriental, and I spoke out against this cult, it would be retranslated to mean: I'm not interested in anyone Oriental (which would be a lie) and that I'm defending this cult (which would be another lie). I'm not a member of the Christian faith either by the way. I'm a Buddhist. I've been a Buddhist officially since early 2007. I'm also not a gun and would never try to put garbage or burden onto anyone of the cultural group of my love interest (who is Oriental). This cult locally on the other hand would definitely try to do so. They use the difference between my two books as a means to do so because of the cultures implicit in each book. They both have a variety of cultures from the World over but the main characters are of two different sides of the Africa/Asia division which this cult uses as the bounds for its brand of racism. So the cult pits my two books as one side or the other on the basis of the culture of the main characters.

So this cult went through my account or email and found that email and tried to steal my identity to gain the benefit of doing that to protect Women because there's Women who would reward someone for doing something like that to protect Women. So this cult sees it as a way to steal anything good that I do and tonight they tried to dump the most likely suspect from what I reported onto me. There's probalby a few watching me right now (I can hear some people in the next apartment commenting about what I'm typing and I'm not mentally ill by the way or on drugs or drinking). I am not mentally ill at all, I don't use drugs at all and I drink seldom (once every one or two months). Now this good stuff that I do they try to steal it from me to credit to someone else that they're building as a member of Prince Hall or in another fashion. So my good activities goes to build them and I end up with their refuse. So that means my books and even my letters to the past two Prime Ministers this cult might try to steal and to credit to that person while dumping that person's past and garbage onto me. Then to be stalked and abused for it in the Regent Park neighborhood all the time is not good. No wonder I'm having a hard time selling books but everyone seems to know about them. That's because the cult has tricked everyone into believing that someone else wrote them. So I'm spending the next month or so bringing this cult down to a manageable level. This post is really just an explanation for that.

So for this cult its a scam to steal everything good from a person (they sometimes refer to as a cow because they're milking that person of their good and feeding them their bad or their green). So the cult try to divide up a person's good and bad by pitting themselves as the love side and pitting their victim as the hate side. So if a loving group of people wear black, and they remain loving, that's what they'll get from others who are negative or hateful. They'll absorb the credit for the negative or hateful person's good qualities or efforts. So the cult when they want to milk their victim will wait until the victim goes somewhere in the neighborhood and then have those people ready to absorb the good of that person. When the victim returns home they'll be abused by the neighbors around them who try to push them to a hateful or negative reaction because the cult believes that the good of a person goes to the more loving and positive and the bad of a person goes to the more negative and hateful. So the cult target their victim to abuse them to provoke them to be the negative side so they can steal the victim's good and give it to someone else they're trying to make look much better. The cult instead might imply that they're cleaning garbage from the victim to help the victim but that's nonsense. They're really trying to steal any of the good the victim accomplishes and giving up their garbage to the victim locally because they know that my love interest is Oriental. So they want to paint the impression on those people that I'm not a good person, and the way they do that is by abusing me constantly so that my reactions make me appear a bad person to the members of the cultural group of my love interest. Locally they spy on my computer so they can credit what I do to their cult members and those are the means they use to steal it. Really it goes all night (like it did last night with the cult abusing me constantly because they saw that I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister's office in protection of Women and the cult want to steal that from me and apply it to someone else's life). The cult also want to try and paint the idea that I'd be a bad father as well and that anything that comes from me that sounds loving is someone else's blood. That literally what this cult want other people to believe hence the constant abuse and harassment. They're trying to dump a lot of their garbage onto me to hit the cultural group of my love interest because around here they are racists against that kind of mixed culture relationship. They're trying to steal what I accomplish and to credit it to another person that has a similar name who looks like Charlie Sheen (this person's name is Bryan spelled with a "Y' and it is not Bryan Adams). So that person has nothing to do with my books or my efforts to protect Women in that regard and I'm not a member of the purple team either. He's not a bad person but this cult don't abuse him like they do me. When this cult do that to someone that means they're trying to steal the good from them and give it to someone else (whom they don't abuse at all). The cult does that often with myself and actually keep watch on my computer locally so they know when to "milk" me of any good. So they saw me typing the letter to the Prime Minister of Canada yesterday and as I've said, I've written to the Prime Minister before with regard to the same issue regarding protecting Women and I got a written reply from their office which I still have until this day. This cult spies on things like that in the building that I live and try to steal that for their credit and then attempt to dump their crack cocaine related garbage onto me. That is not even my lifestyle at all. When you're stalked and abused so much you tend to get a bit edgy and reaction and the cult use that to try and create the impression that you're either mentally ill, on drugs or just a mean person so that nobody believes that you're the person responsible for doing that good that they're trying to steal for someone else's credit. So that means my neighbors in this building that are part of the ideology they call "blue hell". I'm not a part of it for certain and last night until this morning (it's 8:50 AM EST as I type this after starting to type this from 2:45 AM EST). This cult also believes that some people (like myself) get their mind from other people hence why they attempt to steal what I do. They're a cult as I've said. They literally believe that they're controlling me and that's their justification for stealing what I do.

The cult also use this method and love/hate to create a connection between themselves and their victim to try and dump their garbage through the victim onto another culture (like this cult trying to dump their garbage onto the cultures of the Far East through me). They're trying to dump someone else's garbage onto me in that regard in order to hit the cultural group of my love interest. The cult tries to affect their victim too and watches their victim so they know who is having the most effect upon their victim and doing so as a competition. Things like how frequently you eat, how differently you behave from your regular behavior come into play when this cult conduct this activity. They use this to determine whose blood is better and blood in this sense means the link between people that they believe fuels other people's lives through which they steal the good of others or dump their garbage onto others.

I started keeping a digital journal in 2008. Before that I was always a positive person until in late 2006 when this cult really started to stalk me and abuse me all the time. So opening up a negative stream of thought and explanation like this was something that never happened until this cult started stalking me and dumping their garbage onto me and then stealing my good. I didn't figure out why I couldn't get ahead but I'm getting closer to the truth and the closer I get the more I'll reveal. I guess that the cult need to have contrast to make someone they're trying to build up appear better and their way of creating that contrast is by abusing someone so they appear negative next to the positive of someone else (who doesn't get harassed or stalked). Anyway as I've said, I'm actually a peaceful and quiet person when left alone. I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is I am the writer of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own.

So this cult creates any justification that

Brian Joseph Johns
Hate is not love and love is not hate.

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