Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Philosophy Lesson... Making Sure That Others Earn Your Love...

Brian Joseph Johns
Here's a bit of a philosophical post related to Love and Hate and how to avoid being tricked by those who reverse their definition.

How To Overcome Love Hate Definition Reversal

Some forms of Love/Hate ideology are abused by some people to trick you out of what you have to share with those you love and admire.

As I've said before, you can make someone hate you because that emotion is largely governed by hormones in your body, cortisol and adrenaline are some that affect that emotion. If you can trick someone's body into producing those hormones, and then harass them to no end, they are likely to react in a way that is harsh and hateful.

You cannot make somebody love you. There is no hormone that can do so and no Spanish fly that can make you fall in love with another person. Love is something linked directly to consciousness and is something that always must be earned and sometimes in the rare case, it is intuitively shared by two people immediately. That is why there are people who try to swap the two definition of the two emotions, because you can make someone hate, so if you reverse hate to mean love, then provoking someone to a hateful reaction is akin to making them love you and accordingly that is the means by which you share your good with others.

In this abusive form of love hate ideology, the only way that you share with others is by whom you love or have good feelings for so people literally have to earn it. They cannot trick you out of it, or can they? By swapping the definitions of love and hate a group of people are making it so that other people can milk you of your good deeds without having to meet your requirements for whom you share with and whatever else you have to share, by provoking you to a hateful reaction. So that is why I never, and I mean never reverse the definition of the two. Once you start down that road, its impossible to find your way back.

If you need to stop it or find your way back, here's a trick.

Polaris. The North Star.

In order for the love/hate definition reversal thing to work, it requires that there is always an opposite present to accommodate the term or idea to which you refer eg up leads to down, left to right, hot to cold, full to empty etc. In the paradigm, you might say you like someone, and to the cult it will mean that you dislike someone and that's how they'll distribute your good and bad accordingly. So someone that you love might end up with the bad things, and someone that you don't love and really dislike might end up with your good things. If definitions are reversed, how do you argue or reason your way back to the correct definition without using the words in the definition themselves? 

For the North Star, Polaris, there is not equal opposite on the south pole of the Earth that is exactly like Polaris because the southern sky is not a mirrored reflection of the northern sky. So the fact that the North Pole nearly exactly points at Polaris is the foundation from which to build from in defining the polarity correctly in such a way that cannot be reversed. Even referring to the North Pole as the South Pole won't work because there is no accompanying star similar to Polaris at the real south pole. From that point you can build a solid definition for up meaning the direction that points directly away from the center of the Earth and down being the direction that points directly to the center of the Earth. So its as simple as the fact that the North Pole points almost directly at Polaris. From there you can define polarity in terms of the definition of words correctly. 

So the only think that you need to do to reinforce the definition of love and hate is state and recognize that the North Pole, an imaginary line that runs through the Earth along its axis of rotation, points directly at the North Star or Polaris. So that direction is North. Therefore the definitions of words are lined up as they should be and how they are defined in the dictionary. 

What motivated me to formulate that? Love. I don't want the people I care about ending up with bad things sometimes dumped on me by others to hit the people that I admire and care about. I want to make sure that the people I care about and the cultural group of my love interest (she's Oriental I've mentioned) end up with what good I have to share, so they'll know I'm worthy of theirs. Likewise for the people that I admire and who've helped and inspired me in life. I enjoy dualism, but not when its abused by some to take from you what others have to earn the real way. I posted this short article on my gripes blog a day or so ago. My gripes blog is the place where I put most of the garbage that comes my way as a result of abusive stalking etc. so its a bit negative at times but every once in a while it has a nugget of gold. This was one such thing.

Updates To The Stories

Nothing new as of recent as I've been working around the clock on an upcoming software release. I'll be adding to the stories in the next couple of days along with a few articles and posts about some of the people out there whom I admire. Make sure that others earn what you have to share, and that definitely means earning your love.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Chapter, A Returning Series, Some New Ones...

Back again with another post and another chapter for Stories From The End. I finished it on the weekend that just passed.

In this chapter, a new element is introduced as society begins to break down, the Nomads, a group of city staff from a major centre set in to preserve what little order their is. Cale and Tweak are back along with Chang and their effort to uncover a hidden secret, in the chapter The Nomads.

Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth will get fairly regular updates too though I've got to clean up the last chapter of A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth as I wanted Matron Thara's participation in the battle of the Sanctum to be tantamount to the outcome.

SHIELDed on Tonight 

In the television department, I am very much looking forward to the new season of Agents of SHIELD. I've been a fan of Marvel comics my whole life and its great to see SHIELD and HYDRA getting screen time in a major way. Great cast, characters and plot lines are definitely a strong point on the show not to mention the movie tie ins. I'd also love to see an episode or two with the involvement of Damage Inc., who are of course the Government funded company and organization that clean up the damage to buildings and property after a major super powered battle. 

They've made appearances in the print version of The West Coast Avengers, The Incredible Hulk (after a major show down between Thor and the Hulk himself), Fantastic Four (Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing of course said something that got the poor Hulk all riled up and well... you know the rest), and the X-Men (during the mutant wars) and probably cleaning up after much of the damage caused by the Sentinels and Trask Industries. They definitely work closely with SHIELD and what a great tie in it would be to have SHIELD and Damage Inc. show up in the aftermath of a battle with references to The Avengers or The Fantastic Four. Stark Industries and The Fantastic Four also fund them.

News Flash

In the DC department, they've finally returned with a new revamped series of the streak known as The Flash. From the looks of things the effects look great and there's definitely a lot of euphemisms for speeding present. I still remember original series from the early 1990s which was reminiscent of the stylized world DC and Tim Burton had created around the Batman movie of the time. Speaking of the the Dark Knight's stomping grounds, there's even the new show Gotham, which features Gotham city in its early days long before the Bat signal sat atop of the GCPD Headquarters. This show looks to be dripping with the same atmosphere that was present in both Burton's and Nolan/Goyer's interpretations of Gotham with its own signature.

Oh and by the way, my love interest is Oriental (I haven't been in a relationship for four years and four months) and I don't believe in hate. Hate is not love and love is not hate and I don't ever swap their definitions. She doesn't have a child either that I'm aware of but I get along fine with kids, after all I'm a big kid myself. Just in case anyone is trying to imposter themselves as me. Believe me it happens though I don't know why. I think that my stalkers want others to believe that I am someone else in a relationship with a member of their club. Its that same bizarre form of identity theft of others masquerading as your online identity. So if you see me on the streets, chances are I'll be alone (for now), wearing shorts in the summer (I'm a sucker for warm weather and using bicycle as my main mode of transportation).

I think that the stalkers try to set up a dualistic approach to the things that you do in terms of good (this blog) and bad (my gripes blog), trying to make you compete for your own good, versus someone else they select for such a game. In this sense the cult are thieves of your deeds and do so trying to dump their garbage upon you. So they'll impersonate you as best they can, then try to steal the repute for the good things you do by having a gang of their friends or fellow cult members attack you to put you to the "bad" side of things. The cult then treats the other person as being responsible for your good while you inherit their bad. I am not a member of any such cult by the way that would do such a thing.

I should say hi to my friends from FFP Ltd. (some knew it as Ferretina Film Productions and before that Animation Group Ltd). I hope you're all staying healthy and that life is treating you well and the same goes for you Andrew R. and Tom B. All's as well as it could be given circumstances and maybe soon in the near future it will be a little bit better.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A New Chapter For Two Books...

Brian Joseph Johns

There's two more new chapters since the last post here. There's one new one for A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth and another for Heroes Of Our Own.

Enjoy, as I've got to go and post a gripe to my gripes blog. It was another bad attack by the cult today right from the morning, and an attempt to push a lot of hate onto me. I'd never join any such cult for certain.

Stay Safe And Be Well

Brian Joseph Johns

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Chapters

New chapters on Heroes Of Our Own and The Archive. New software coming soon.

Sooo tired. Must sleeep...

Stay Safe And Be Zzzzz...

Brian Joseph Johns

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Friday, September 5, 2014

A Brave New Post without the Huxley...

The stories are back up although there's still a few missing (I'll try to get them up sooner or later as I'm able). I added a short paragraph to Stories From The End, which sets up the next few chapters and Elena's new role in the group while Stanton recovers.

It looks like I'll be going to school some time in the near future once I've dealt with my stalkers legally, so that's a positive thing though I'm not sure what I'm going to study. It'll be somewhere between updating current skills or pursuing some new ones.

I'm at an employment center downtown (at 650 Queen Street where the old Edwin House used to be). I used to have a summer job at the Tippet Richardson which was across the street, so its an odd feeling being here.

The stories will be updated within a month or two, and when I do, I will make a large scale addition.

While here the cult once again conducted their same harassment, some clients some of the workers. Its a shame not being able to go anywhere without people trying to steal via abusive love have or blood, and in mockery of Oriental culture. The cult know that is the culture of my love interest so they target me trying to trick me into breaking it down. That's what this cult call "milking a cow" based upon the two different colours of a cow, black and white. The cult try to steal a person's good by provoking them as a group to be on the "hate" side of things, so around here if you've done a lot in you're life, they gang up on you to "milk" you.

The cult actually swap your identity with that of someone else, whom they mistreat you for their deeds while praising them for yours. The cult force these sorts of connections between productive people and their members to milk them of their good. That means that if you get isolated by enough people in such a manner, you can literally be emptied out of everything that you have done that is good. Much like the Wytch hunters of A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth. So this is as much a warning to others as it is a plea.

The other links are up as well, so you can visit the sites I recommend created by people who've inspired myself and are doing their own thing.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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