Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Message To Our Veterans

To our Veterans I'd like to say a very humble thank you. That thank you extends back to the first battles fought to secure the peace for some, sovereignty for others and freedom many generations ago.

A "just" war is fought for those reasons and is the sacrifice that a people are willing to make to secure their sovereignty and freedom or that thereof for others. The truth is that the real enemy is war as much as it is threats to sovereignty and freedom. Perhaps when that is considered then Veterans everywhere will be recognized together for they are the only ones who truly know that price. Perhaps despotic leaders or agendas that lead the people to war will become a thing of the past and become replaced by the Veterans of organizations like the United Nations. Peacekeepers are Veterans too.

Their symbol as it is for many Veterans is one of might for right rather than might is right to coin a phrase from T. H. White's The Sword In The Stone.

When we all can sit down at the same table and agree what is right for us and what is not and what is not right to decide for people, then the valuable lesson that the deeds of the Veteran have taught us will have been learned.

Thank you to our Veterans and Peacekeepers

Brian Joseph Johns

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