Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Morning After All Night Dancing...

Spontaneous poetry on Star Trek Online and Marvel Heroes, DC Online too by Tarax Alrin during an online party celebrating the life of a legend and the many still alive...

In response to a lady named Rose...

Just as your namesake. Bringing into being beauty and benevolence by name bore alone.

A Rose.

Perhaps that's why it rhymes with Rise?

And you too. Those who do. You too are part of the brew. If only how much you knew then we'd truly know how few do.

But for sure only a Rose truly knows.

In knowing though please protect them so from their lows for they often bear the 
burden for those who care not for the woes of the Rose.

Those thorns aren't meant to hurt but only meant for defence: to be curt.

Tarax Alrin aka Brian Joseph Johns

Thanks for the inspiration for those who do give life to every nation...

Thanks to all who attended online... I've had a few, so forgive me. ;-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mid Week Update...

Hello everyone. It's the middle of the week and here's my update thanks to the advice of a wonderful woman who sometimes says it in a way that you don't like to hear it, but thank you nonetheless.

A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth (offline still) is essentially finished (no written copies exist) but the story is complete, just not written beyond the point of Father Wilsen's encounter with the "strangers" inside of the Apothecary as they attempted to get information from Melinda and of course Mila's realization of the connection between Father Wilsen and the Widow Milaise after Nelony's brilliant idea of dumping Father Wilsen's 300 year old journals into the Librum Universalis Codex. Once things have calmed enough to write I will continue writing the finish and start A Lady's Perogative: The Control Wars.

I've been thinking about the other stories as well. Most of which Heroes Of Our Own, The Archive and My Place. Heroes Of Our Own once again is finished but things in my neck of the woods need to calm a bit before I continue. There getting closer but still not there. There's still the occasional person that believes they they are controlling me into writing the stories and has a group of cult members trying to steal them. Things that I'm sure that other people deal with on a daily basis.

The Games page got an update though I haven't been playing much recently. I've been sticking to Trek and Star Wars recently out of nostalgia and The Secret World... Its all there including a few new additions and reviews of A Need For Speed World and The Secret World. I'd tell you about that but its a secret.

You can still catch many great links from the artist's page and the channels page as they have been updating regularly and they have much content to peruse.

Until then, it's still A Lady's Perogative...

Stay Well,
Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bad news...

I am sorry about this, but until the aggressive harassment activity and theft of the credit for my works stops, I have to take my material down from the blog.

I will leave A Lady's Perogative up and the rest will be hidden away until this activity stops.

I don't want to punish my readers and essentially I am not. I am protecting my readers and other writers and other content and media creators by making a stand against this activity.

The last week has been really bad in terms of social burdening by others and people running around with the credit for some of my deeds here. Basically that means they were using me as a garbage bag for their activity while running around the neighbourhood with the credit for my deeds. I would get verbally accosted for their misgivings while they were getting praised for mine. I try to have some form of good to share with people I admire, the elderly and others that I care for and those I want to inspire.

If I was in a relationship with someone and that was the case, I could handle that as we'd be able to communicate about the problem and work together to solve it if it needed solving or readjust my attitude to accommodate her. In this case it is just a group of malicious people with illegal eavesdropping technology doing so for the purposes of the theft of creative property and notoriety and return torment.

I am sure there are many celebrities who are victims of the same thing. If I made more money than $250 a month, I might understand why I was a victim of this, but that is not the case. I was at the beginning of that long climb up the hill with the goal of attaining success and drawing some positive attention to the world of writing and media, and to the great talent that we have to offer in mixed media art forms.

Please I would ask that others involved in such production be wary of such activities. If you are aware of them, report them in the interests of protecting creative and intellectual properties.

To those of you who have seen me around the neighbourhood and been thinking that I am mentally ill or reactive, that is most certainly not the case but nobody should ever be ashamed or embarrassed about mental illness. I am and have been psychologically traumatized as a result of this activity and until I see it stop or become subject to official investigation, I cannot continue to publish online here.

In the mean time, here are some letters that I wrote on behalf of supporting issues as part of efforts by Amnesty International other rights organizations just to let you know that I try to contribute in many ways and it might vouch a bit for my character. Besides a couple of these letters ended up in the offices of the PM on my side of the border. Besides the PM's office, nobody else should have these except for their recipient which in most cases was another world leader. 

Such actions are contributed to by many people in the international community to give it a strong voice in protection of rights.


Letter To Romania in support of Amnesty International

December 11, 2012

Emil Boc Str. Motilor nr. 3
Cluj Napoca

Dear Mayor,

I am writing to you on behalf of the 76 displaced families of Coastei Street. These families deserve healthy living conditions and their children deserve the right of access to education just as other families of Romania do. Strong communities and healthy economies are built upon strong and healthy families and children with access to education, for they are your future and the future of Romania.

Please take action to conduct a real consultation with the families evicted from Coastei Street in accordance with the goals of long-term housing and building a strong future for all of Romania by example. Each family is entitled to running water and plumbing, heating and access to public transportation. Your addressing of their problems and a compensation for their experiences in a timely manner will set the president for years to come and the enthusiasm of a strong community will result and they will remember this Christmas for the rest of their life.

Yours Truly,
Brian Joseph Johns
Thanks to the efforts of the letter writers and the positive action of the Romanian Mayor of the town the families have been safely housed and have plumbing and basic amenities.


Letter To The Prime Minister In Support Of Protection Of Women Against Violence

November 28, 2012
Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am a citizen whose concern for the fair treatment of Aboriginal women is as important as the treatment of all women.

We as a nation do not tolerate violence against and the exploitation of women, yet why is this not the case for Aboriginal women within Canada. With cases like that of Robert Pickton and numerous disappearances and deaths of Aboriginal women within cities around the country, why is this allowed to continue? There is no justifiable reason for us to ignore the plight of any women within our nation yet it is allowed to go on without someone saying "this isn't right". We cannot allow ourselves to be lulled into thinking that if we see it happening around us that it must be ok.

We as the people of Canada serve as your eyes and ears in terms of your navigation through the often perilous challenges for our country. If we are your senses then why ignore requests from us, and agencies like Amnesty International with regard to this issue. Please show the mothers and daughters of the members of our Aboriginal community that we as a nation of many different and valued people care for their well being and welcome them as well as the Aboriginal peoples as likely as they welcome us, for despite our differences, we all are really one.

To allow them harm is to harm ourselves.

Brian Joseph Johns

Letter To Ms Nomvula Mokonyane Regarding The Death Of Noxolo Nogwaza A Member Of The LGBTi community.

December 10, 2012
Ms Nomvula Mokonyane
Premier of Gauteng Province
Private Bag X61, Marshalltown
Johannesburg 2017
South Africa
Fax: 011 27 11 836 9334

Dear Premier,

I am deeply saddened by the indescribable and horrendous death of Noxolo Nogwaza. This human being, a mother who was subjected to horrendous discrimination and whose daughters have been robbed of their mother has paid the ultimate price for her defense of human rights while those who have no grasp of human rights whatsoever are allowed to run free.

As the leader of Gauteng Provence in Johannesburg, it is with courage that you should stand in speaking out against targeted violence that victimizes those on the basis of their sexual orientation just as much as it does on the basis or their race. All should be free to live their life safe of discrimination, harassment and violence.

Those within a group who feel the same way often are afraid to make a stand until someone finds the courage to speak for them. When such a person does, those within a crowd who feel the same way will be liberated from their fear and stand beside you. Often, those who do feel the same will outnumber those who don't, but they are ultimately isolated as a result of their fear and it is courage that unites those of a like sense of values. Please see to it that in the name of her children and women and the LGBTI communities around the globe that Noxolo Nogwaza receives the justice that she deserves.

Yours Truly,
Brian Joseph Johns

If everyone in the world only stuck up for their own, we would all live under despotic leadership. Slavery would be rampant. Child labour would be common. Voting would be non existent. Human trafficking and prostitution would be the biggest business there was. The world would be a mess. We've definitely come a long way.

Anyway, when you see me in public and I'm a little unruly or reactive thanks to the activities I've fallen victim to, remember that I'm the guy that wrote those letters and the stories on this blog and not just for myself, but to contribute to a greater whole.


Want proof that I was a nerd? That is me when I was ten years old. Thanks to my friend Rob for keeping the picture and sending it to me thirty five years later.

Don't let anyone steal your identity or your efforts but don't be afraid to share yourself a bit.

Sorry for the drama, I actually have another blog for that kind of venting. Anyway, have a good day.

Oh and by the way...


Brian Joseph Johns
200 Sherbourne Street Apartment 701
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Whew! A Bad One Out There Today!

Whew! A lot of stalkers out there today!

It was a bit hectic as well with a few people part of this group believing that they are literally controlling me (into writing or creating) and some others trying to imply me to be associated with crack cocaine. Neither case is true but I dealt with it as needed. 

The stalkers are likely doing so to make me appear mentally ill which is cruel to those who are trying to break the stigmas of such things. My problem is not mental illness. My problem is stalkers. Other than that, nothing new.

I released a short very amateur animation here made with Lionhead The Movies, a video game/animation tool hybrid with packed canned animations, sets, props and everything you need to run a movie studio:

I released a new song that I had been working on in 2013 late in that year if you are interested in hearing it:

As far as writing goes, I'm still just as quit for now as I was last week. After some very serious abuse by some people close to my location I've given up on it. Along with the fact that there are many people who've attempted to claim responsibility for my creative works via impersonation. There's people where I live who possess eavesdropping tech that they shouldn't and they're using it to literally take credit for my works on this blog and elsewhere. That and the stalking in the neighbourhood has kind of put me off so for now. Until I get the peace I need to continue, no more books or writing. I don't mean to harm my readers and its not intended to. Maybe when I can figure out how to escape from here I'll do so and continue writing elsewhere.

Stay well,
Brian Joseph Johns

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