Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good Morning After All Night Dancing...

Spontaneous poetry on Star Trek Online and Marvel Heroes, DC Online too by Tarax Alrin during an online party celebrating the life of a legend and the many still alive...

In response to a lady named Rose...

Just as your namesake. Bringing into being beauty and benevolence by name bore alone.

A Rose.

Perhaps that's why it rhymes with Rise?

And you too. Those who do. You too are part of the brew. If only how much you knew then we'd truly know how few do.

But for sure only a Rose truly knows.

In knowing though please protect them so from their lows for they often bear the 
burden for those who care not for the woes of the Rose.

Those thorns aren't meant to hurt but only meant for defence: to be curt.

Tarax Alrin aka Brian Joseph Johns

Thanks for the inspiration for those who do give life to every nation...

Thanks to all who attended online... I've had a few, so forgive me. ;-)

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