Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breath Of Her

Breath Of Her

To know beauty is to have seen it?
to know love is to have been in it?
Because they are not confined within
a cage of ego and bound within

a blindness that I can't explain
it's walls' foundations bound in pain
and though its strength wears by my tears
I do weaken by its' years

For its patience endures mine
but I've no endurance so sublime
by her eyes alone I have seen
a life I've not lived but she had been

My hopes fulfilled, my passion dawned
A love not lived a song not sung
My dreams not sold her sangra pawned
We're bound together though not done

She's my path and just as free
her choice not bound emotion's plea
Ears do listen but do her's hear
My whole heart notion when I'm near

A God she is by her own right
Thought seeds she's sown into the night
Set let met dreams seem deems her beams
Her choice my victory seems by our needs

And we're n'yer alone. Befiore or again but when.

She speaks and I do listen.

For when I do

Eye am one with her's


Brian Joseph Johns

In Dedication To International Women's Day

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