Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another story finished.

Well I am proud to announce that Heroes Of Our Own is officially finished and available for your reading pleasure (or dismay depending upon your tastes).

I apologize for the lack of recent posts but I've been busy with a lot of other things and fending off the occasional stalker attack and around here it gets pretty bad for that not to mention having others steal what you create as you create it. They seem to use an eavesdropping technology that allows them to steal it as you write it and share it with a large audience of people who are members of a club or collective of some form illegally.

I've got some articles lined up that will highlight a bit more about some of the people that I admire so I will be posting them in the near future and giving light to many of the other creative people I've taken the time to put on this blog. Consider that a coming soon.

To all of those out there creating and fighting the good fight,

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns.

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