Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whew, busy weekend.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend out there. Its been decent weather and fairly peaceful. I hope its the same on your end.

Having said that, I have been busy writing additions to the following stories:

A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth - Shaela learns about what drives Evan as she's drawn into the effort against the hunters in Shaela And Evan. Some rewrites to the chapter Camp Encounters that you might want to read.

Heroes Of Our Own - Heylin's journey into her past and purpose en route to Treadwater Island and Resort in Dreams And The Flightless Butterfly. Alicia and Monique spend some getting acquainted in Stopover.

Stories From The End - Cale's tale takes shape, but will his deceased mother's intense religious views collide with his hidden role and agenda in the big picture? Read it in Cale's Colleagues. (Still in early draft).

The Archive - It may just be a simulation, but will Hanlen survive his latest archive retrieval? Read about it in Level 25 and Level 24.

Expect updates to Testament Of Time soon as its story slowly merges into the world of one of the other stories. You can probably figure it out if you've been reading.

Thank you for reading and stay well.

Brian Joseph Johns

Friday, April 25, 2014

Notice of update....

Look for a big update on a few stories tonight and this weekend. I feel the mood is right as is the time.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for the inspiration of the artists out there. You're awesome and the world turns because of you, not in spite of you.

I listened to some of my favourite artists on Edge 101 and on YouTube and iTunes. What a dfference. Thanks to Origa of Ghost In The Machine fame. She's an incredible vocalist who can move the hardest of us to tears. We need more people like her in the world. Thanks iJ and thanks YYH. Thanks to JN as well. You're all inspirations to us all.

Brian Joseph Johns

The Cameron/Schwarzenegger Theory Of Adware

Trying to uninstall adware from your computer is like trying to kill the T-1000.

It can change itself into any other program.

You try erasing the parts of it, but it just reinstalls itself.

Just when you think its deleted, it reforms itself and kicks your arse.

Brian Joseph Johns

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day

Greetings to everyone. I hope life is going well for you.

In honour of Earth Day, I have temporarily lifted my pause on writing to add a new chapter (two new chapters technically because I snuck one in a week and a half ago) to A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth. 

The first new chapter is Court Of The Ancients which brings the story back to our time and Nelony's new found place in it.

The second new chapter Camp Encounters returns us to Yirfir and Jasmer as they get ready to make camp halfway through their journey to meet The True.

It's first draft so go easy on it.

In the spirit of recycling, something that you might find interesting is the which is essentially the archive for the internet and computing and digital medium. It is actually run in conjunction with the Smithsonian and contains a wide variety of content from the past to peruse including public domain stock footage, the internet way back machine, and a variety of software and texts.

In the spirit of digital art I shared a post to G+ yesterday that I'd like to recap.
Mandelbulber is a fractal art generator that runs on Windows/Mac/Linux and is for all of you 3D rendering or photography buffs out there looking for new ways to explore art algorithmically or to integrate content into your existing projects.

As well you might want to check out some of the Channels and Artists that I've highlighted as many of them have new content up. Hope you enjoy.

I hope that everyone is enjoying this spring and that it may be the beginning of a great summer for us all.

Stay Well

Brian Joseph Johns

Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Important Insight And Updates

An Important Issue That Needs To Be Investigated

I read about a recent violent attack in an office and am concerned once again that these attacks might be linked to this cult activity in society and orchestrated by a collective who radicalize their victims into such deeds or irrational behaviour.

The idea is related to the fact that it is easier to provoke someone to anger than it is to earn their friendship, so a group of people have decided that it might be in our best interests to reverse the two ideas of hate and love, and make it a competition to see who "loves" who the most. 

Such aggressive activity is a mockery of ideas of the Far East such as Japan or China and other cultures who regularly reverse the definitions of hate and love (also known as reversing the polarity to some) to turn a bad situation into t good one. Other cultures the world over practice this as well. Some use it to keep their love for another person secret. Who would suspect that you really love the person that you appear angry at all the time? So there are many people that use this activity to protect their love and their interests or even to turn a bad situation into a good one.

In this abuse of ideology add in the fact that there is a pseudo market economy that is based upon how a person shares the credit for their good actions and words with others that is based upon who they love and admire. In other words if you do a good deeds, like walk an elderly person across the street, others that you love and respect share in the good "Karma" that results from this action. If you donate money to a good cause then the same thing applies. If you express your disdain with certain behaviours and activities then those people are essentially cut off from your supply. Some might argue that they inherit your hefty burdens as well.

Once again these ideas are important to cultures of the Far East, as a person maintains a pool of such good "Karma" to share with the elderly, their family and loved ones and is more valued than money in terms of it representing their character to others.

When the abusive group seeks to reverse the definitions of love and hate in order to take a person's good deeds for themselves, they are creating an artificial market system for taking a person's deeds that is driven by their harsh reaction towards others. The more harsh the reaction, the more love is implied by the reaction. So when this is the case several teams might compete to be the "most loved" by that person if there is much to be gained from them or just for the cruelty of it. 

Maybe if some of those people are involved in activities that the person does not agree with then tricking a person into a harsh reaction will engender to others that the person really supports them. One example would be turning around someone's stance against crack cocaine into meaning support for it. Imagine how many crack cocaine users would get involved if they thought they could maintain support for it just by reversing hate and love and then getting others to react negatively towards their activity. I am sure that there are a lot of dealers who'd really like that too.

The truth is that this activity has turned into a means of extortion and payment system stealing the credit for the deeds of others via these means. Meaning that if you do something good, and someone else lays claim to that deed by what they believe they are owed for a harsh reaction from you. Of course that harsh reaction is one that they purposely provoked when trying to ramp up such reactions while hate and love were reversed so they could steal credit for your deeds in the first place. Finding ways to steal Karma. A complete mockery of the ideas of the Far East not to mention many other places too.

This activity targets a victim in such a way that a group use various teams competitively to seek a more and more harsh reaction in order to imply that the victim loves them more, so they can share in the credit for that person's deeds. That would essentially result in constant activity based upon the output of the victim that seeks to get more and more harsh reactions from them. That could lead to such radical outbursts and possibly irrational and violent behaviour.

Putting someone through such an activity for a long period of time in such a way and directing them towards more and more harsh reactions is escalating their behaviour to more and more dangerous levels.

This activity needs to be investigated for the safety of its victims, both those who are harmed by such outbursts and those who are escalated to such acts by others. A person should be free to distribute their good by love or how they so choose without being swindled of it by those who try to sabotage such a means.

I've been a victim of the same thing for a while, but with no violent reaction to it. The cult involved just tries to find ways to lay claim to my deeds or even my online content by claiming that I am possessed or controlled by their members. A very convoluted method of theft in which the thieves try to hide behind the reaction they create in their victim. When a group sees you react they tend to believe that you are the "bully" or the wrong doer. In my case I have a group of people who literally try to give that appearance so they can lay claim to what I do despite what little I have and what little I make. Most of my friends of the past know me as a quiet and peaceful person, a nerd in school who was quite often the victim of such bullying, even by groups of people. I'm still the same person but I have a much more rigid backbone now. Don't mistake that for meanness.

The groups that conduct this radicalising activity do so a little bit at a time carried out by many people over a long period of time, so it is kind of like a trickle effect. This becomes like a pressure cooker for the victim, and unless they learn techniques to vent this they will boil over or worse, explode possibly hurting others. My advice to those experiencing it is to vent it when you can towards an issue for the betterment of life or to redirect to something creative and constructive. Don't bottle it up and don't let others take away your means of expression and most of all don't let them isolate you and run away with your good deeds. That is what you have to share with those that you care about or those that you want to inspire. If someone wants your friendship or love, let them earn it the real way which is the harder way, not by reversing the definition of hate and love. 

That might be a great way of keeping secret the object of your desire, but many people use it to paint to others that you reaction against them is an indication of your caring for them even more than your real love as based upon your reactions against their provoking you. Don't fall for this. You are worth others earning your friendship, respect and love the real way which is the harder way.

These activities must be looked into as the evidence for what I am saying exists.


Look for updates in the near future as I've been dabbling in some of the stories recently but keeping it quiet for now. 

Thanks again for your patience and Stay Well.

Brian Joseph Johns

Monday, April 7, 2014

Long Overdue Update


After a bit of a hectic day and dodging stalkers I made it through without reacting too much to get home and notice that this is National Volunteer Week. 

I thought this would be a good time to thank all of those volunteers out there that do everything from distribute the food at food banks, to collecting donations at some of my favourite publicly supported stations, to organizing and running programs community to community to involve youth in sports and recreational activities, to making sure that resources are distributed to the needy in disaster recovery situations such as those recently experienced in the Philippines.

There are some interesting websites that both collect data and organize volunteer programs both at home and abroad. 

The World Volunteer Web is a source for information and statistics about ongoing programs supported around the world. 

United Nations Volunteers is a site that organizes and encourages volunteering programs world wide to meet a variety of needs by area around the world.

If you just want to read about some of the statistics that the Canadian Government has collected in regard to the volunteering efforts and activities that go on in Canada check the StatsCan website, or in the United States check the United States Department Of Labour website. For the United Kingdom, check the United Kingdom Government Volunteers site.

Who takes part in volunteering you might ask? Well often they are those in your community that find time after their day job to contribute time during the weekend to a cause they support. Many Police, Firefighters and Ambulance service providers are active volunteers, though they come from all walks of life.

Some famous celebrity volunteers are:

You can find out here, and here, and here on Pinterest

Volunteering is also a popular tweet on Twitter and a feat on facebook.

I guess if on Twitter a post is a tweet then on facebook that would make a post a feat or a feet?

Thanks to all of you volunteers that make things happen!

In other news, no new chapters or writing recently (well that's not true as I got in a few paragraphs on a new story a week ago but I'm keeping it hidden for now). A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth is still the next priority but the harassment and stalking activity has to die down before I will continue.

The latest antics by my stalkers are to steal the credit for what I do and credit it to someone else in a bizarre method of theft of deeds. When you do something, anything good that they can then steal the credit for, they follow you trying to provoke an angry reaction from you which to them justifies stealing your deeds and giving you theirs. A very bad practice if you ask me. 

Enough people doing that and others might end up losing their motivation to do anything at all.

Anyway, I've got a shrine to build to someone special so keep well. As I've said the books are finished already in my head, its just a matter of getting them written down but I am not going to reward abuse although that is not a punishment directed at any readers that I have out there. It's directed towards those conducting this activity.

Stay Well and thanks to all you volunteers out there.

Brian Joseph Johns

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