Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whew, busy weekend.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend out there. Its been decent weather and fairly peaceful. I hope its the same on your end.

Having said that, I have been busy writing additions to the following stories:

A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth - Shaela learns about what drives Evan as she's drawn into the effort against the hunters in Shaela And Evan. Some rewrites to the chapter Camp Encounters that you might want to read.

Heroes Of Our Own - Heylin's journey into her past and purpose en route to Treadwater Island and Resort in Dreams And The Flightless Butterfly. Alicia and Monique spend some getting acquainted in Stopover.

Stories From The End - Cale's tale takes shape, but will his deceased mother's intense religious views collide with his hidden role and agenda in the big picture? Read it in Cale's Colleagues. (Still in early draft).

The Archive - It may just be a simulation, but will Hanlen survive his latest archive retrieval? Read about it in Level 25 and Level 24.

Expect updates to Testament Of Time soon as its story slowly merges into the world of one of the other stories. You can probably figure it out if you've been reading.

Thank you for reading and stay well.

Brian Joseph Johns

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