Monday, April 7, 2014

Long Overdue Update


After a bit of a hectic day and dodging stalkers I made it through without reacting too much to get home and notice that this is National Volunteer Week. 

I thought this would be a good time to thank all of those volunteers out there that do everything from distribute the food at food banks, to collecting donations at some of my favourite publicly supported stations, to organizing and running programs community to community to involve youth in sports and recreational activities, to making sure that resources are distributed to the needy in disaster recovery situations such as those recently experienced in the Philippines.

There are some interesting websites that both collect data and organize volunteer programs both at home and abroad. 

The World Volunteer Web is a source for information and statistics about ongoing programs supported around the world. 

United Nations Volunteers is a site that organizes and encourages volunteering programs world wide to meet a variety of needs by area around the world.

If you just want to read about some of the statistics that the Canadian Government has collected in regard to the volunteering efforts and activities that go on in Canada check the StatsCan website, or in the United States check the United States Department Of Labour website. For the United Kingdom, check the United Kingdom Government Volunteers site.

Who takes part in volunteering you might ask? Well often they are those in your community that find time after their day job to contribute time during the weekend to a cause they support. Many Police, Firefighters and Ambulance service providers are active volunteers, though they come from all walks of life.

Some famous celebrity volunteers are:

You can find out here, and here, and here on Pinterest

Volunteering is also a popular tweet on Twitter and a feat on facebook.

I guess if on Twitter a post is a tweet then on facebook that would make a post a feat or a feet?

Thanks to all of you volunteers that make things happen!

In other news, no new chapters or writing recently (well that's not true as I got in a few paragraphs on a new story a week ago but I'm keeping it hidden for now). A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth is still the next priority but the harassment and stalking activity has to die down before I will continue.

The latest antics by my stalkers are to steal the credit for what I do and credit it to someone else in a bizarre method of theft of deeds. When you do something, anything good that they can then steal the credit for, they follow you trying to provoke an angry reaction from you which to them justifies stealing your deeds and giving you theirs. A very bad practice if you ask me. 

Enough people doing that and others might end up losing their motivation to do anything at all.

Anyway, I've got a shrine to build to someone special so keep well. As I've said the books are finished already in my head, its just a matter of getting them written down but I am not going to reward abuse although that is not a punishment directed at any readers that I have out there. It's directed towards those conducting this activity.

Stay Well and thanks to all you volunteers out there.

Brian Joseph Johns

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