Sunday, May 12, 2013

Working Draft For: A Knight To Remember

On Naboo a growing resistance had began to grow in strength with the help of Bail Organa, and this helped to heal the tears of the loss of the most precious Queen in their history, Queen Amidala. She had become a symbol to the opposition movement and though the remnants of the old Senate were in shambles, the opposition worked both sides of the growing Imperial threat and the the clone army. Politically they sought diplomatic means to gain support to deal with the growing Imperial threat peacefully while behind the scenes they began setting up a military infrastructure to confront the Imperials should the need arise.
The Chancellor had called upon Gerran to deal with the treacherous Naboo in a complex plan that would seek to break the alliance with the indigenous water dwelling Gundarks and the Naboo themselves. While the Chancellor employed spies to facilitate that aspect of his plan, Gerran and his raiders would target Naboo's imported fuel supply, rendering them defenseless against the Imperials and Gundarks. The Chancellor had manipulated the Gundarks easily, using their Senator to initiate the vote to supply him with the emergency powers he needed to start his takeover. They would be easily lead into conflict with the surface dwelling Naboo.

The information of this plot found its way to Bail Organa, as he still had many loyal supporters, even within the Imperial Senate itself though they had kept this allegiance secret from the Chancellor. Bail organized a surprise ambush against the raiders and the squadron leading the ambush would become the early beginnings of the most famed Rebel squadron of all, Red Squadron. The ambush was an outstanding success, seeing the opposition force lose only one fighter and the raiders losing two frigates, a corvette and a squadron of fighters. Gerran was furious at this and expressed his rage at the Chancellor himself during one communication. The Chancellor ate the rage, but noted that Gerran would be dealt with for his insolence and lack of respect towards his authority.

On the surface of Naboo, a young Jedi whom had managed to escape the slaughter of Order 66 thanks to Bail, had started an investigation seeking to expose the Chancellor's spies one at a time. She had the support of the Gundarks and their alliance held strong despite sabotage and treachery. The spies were eventually exposed and tried for treason with a combined Naboo/Gundark court, and spent their imprisonment in the hands of the Gundarks, leaving the Chancellor without ears or eyes for the first time in years. Sheylin had proven herself a valuable asset to the force opposing the Imperials and she continued to operate incognito under Bail's guidance. Eventually she relocated to Alderaan and continued her studies and her meditation under the tutelage of one of the few remaining members of the Jedi Order.

In the meantime the Imperials arrived on the doorstep of Naboo with a fleet twice that of the largest fleet they'd employed during the Clone Wars. The invasion of Naboo began and the hopes of the final remnants of the opposition Senate were crushed once and for all in the battle that revealed the ruthless intent and brutal rule of the Imperials under the Chancellor. His troops slaughtered and destroyed civilians and armed forces alike. Entire cities were laid asunder, bodies littering the streets before a full retreat was ordered by the opposition force. They split into two forces, one retreating the planet and the other retreating to the watery abode of the Gundarks. The Gundarks and their underwater city was obliterated during assault and the pursuit of the retreating forces. The Gundarks themselves abandoned the home they'd been building for 1500 years into the Naxaar Rift, deep in the oceans of Naboo. The Rift was an ancient molting grounds they'd emerged from thousands of years before and still bore their early water manipulating technology. All things did return to the sea.

Those that left the planet engaged the Imperial forces while the escaping civilians huddled in cargo ships could make the jump to hyperspace. While nearly all of the civilians in those ships had escaped safely through hyperspace to Malastare, the fighters, bomber crews and the frigates of the opposing force fought a fierce battle ultimately losing most of the frigate compliment and retreating to hyperspace once the civilians had retreated. 

For This Day...

My parents used to tell me that we all have music.

We get our sense of rhythm from the beating of our Mother's heart, and regardless of whether we can hear it or not, we can definitely feel it even before we are born.

We get our sense of melody from the sound of our Mother's voice, and regardless of whether we can hear it or not, we can definitely feel it even before we are born.

We get our sense of harmony from the sound of our parent's voices together, and regardless of whether we can hear it or not, we can definitely feel them both and they have an effect on our lives every time we hear them and beyond.

Happy Mother's Day and to both my parents, thank you for the music.

With love,

Brian Joseph Johns

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