Thursday, March 13, 2014

Whew! A Bad One Out There Today!

Whew! A lot of stalkers out there today!

It was a bit hectic as well with a few people part of this group believing that they are literally controlling me (into writing or creating) and some others trying to imply me to be associated with crack cocaine. Neither case is true but I dealt with it as needed. 

The stalkers are likely doing so to make me appear mentally ill which is cruel to those who are trying to break the stigmas of such things. My problem is not mental illness. My problem is stalkers. Other than that, nothing new.

I released a short very amateur animation here made with Lionhead The Movies, a video game/animation tool hybrid with packed canned animations, sets, props and everything you need to run a movie studio:

I released a new song that I had been working on in 2013 late in that year if you are interested in hearing it:

As far as writing goes, I'm still just as quit for now as I was last week. After some very serious abuse by some people close to my location I've given up on it. Along with the fact that there are many people who've attempted to claim responsibility for my creative works via impersonation. There's people where I live who possess eavesdropping tech that they shouldn't and they're using it to literally take credit for my works on this blog and elsewhere. That and the stalking in the neighbourhood has kind of put me off so for now. Until I get the peace I need to continue, no more books or writing. I don't mean to harm my readers and its not intended to. Maybe when I can figure out how to escape from here I'll do so and continue writing elsewhere.

Stay well,
Brian Joseph Johns

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