Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mid Week Update...

Hello everyone. It's the middle of the week and here's my update thanks to the advice of a wonderful woman who sometimes says it in a way that you don't like to hear it, but thank you nonetheless.

A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth (offline still) is essentially finished (no written copies exist) but the story is complete, just not written beyond the point of Father Wilsen's encounter with the "strangers" inside of the Apothecary as they attempted to get information from Melinda and of course Mila's realization of the connection between Father Wilsen and the Widow Milaise after Nelony's brilliant idea of dumping Father Wilsen's 300 year old journals into the Librum Universalis Codex. Once things have calmed enough to write I will continue writing the finish and start A Lady's Perogative: The Control Wars.

I've been thinking about the other stories as well. Most of which Heroes Of Our Own, The Archive and My Place. Heroes Of Our Own once again is finished but things in my neck of the woods need to calm a bit before I continue. There getting closer but still not there. There's still the occasional person that believes they they are controlling me into writing the stories and has a group of cult members trying to steal them. Things that I'm sure that other people deal with on a daily basis.

The Games page got an update though I haven't been playing much recently. I've been sticking to Trek and Star Wars recently out of nostalgia and The Secret World... Its all there including a few new additions and reviews of A Need For Speed World and The Secret World. I'd tell you about that but its a secret.

You can still catch many great links from the artist's page and the channels page as they have been updating regularly and they have much content to peruse.

Until then, it's still A Lady's Perogative...

Stay Well,
Brian Joseph Johns

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