Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Chapter, A Returning Series, Some New Ones...

Back again with another post and another chapter for Stories From The End. I finished it on the weekend that just passed.

In this chapter, a new element is introduced as society begins to break down, the Nomads, a group of city staff from a major centre set in to preserve what little order their is. Cale and Tweak are back along with Chang and their effort to uncover a hidden secret, in the chapter The Nomads.

Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth will get fairly regular updates too though I've got to clean up the last chapter of A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth as I wanted Matron Thara's participation in the battle of the Sanctum to be tantamount to the outcome.

SHIELDed on Tonight 

In the television department, I am very much looking forward to the new season of Agents of SHIELD. I've been a fan of Marvel comics my whole life and its great to see SHIELD and HYDRA getting screen time in a major way. Great cast, characters and plot lines are definitely a strong point on the show not to mention the movie tie ins. I'd also love to see an episode or two with the involvement of Damage Inc., who are of course the Government funded company and organization that clean up the damage to buildings and property after a major super powered battle. 

They've made appearances in the print version of The West Coast Avengers, The Incredible Hulk (after a major show down between Thor and the Hulk himself), Fantastic Four (Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing of course said something that got the poor Hulk all riled up and well... you know the rest), and the X-Men (during the mutant wars) and probably cleaning up after much of the damage caused by the Sentinels and Trask Industries. They definitely work closely with SHIELD and what a great tie in it would be to have SHIELD and Damage Inc. show up in the aftermath of a battle with references to The Avengers or The Fantastic Four. Stark Industries and The Fantastic Four also fund them.

News Flash

In the DC department, they've finally returned with a new revamped series of the streak known as The Flash. From the looks of things the effects look great and there's definitely a lot of euphemisms for speeding present. I still remember original series from the early 1990s which was reminiscent of the stylized world DC and Tim Burton had created around the Batman movie of the time. Speaking of the the Dark Knight's stomping grounds, there's even the new show Gotham, which features Gotham city in its early days long before the Bat signal sat atop of the GCPD Headquarters. This show looks to be dripping with the same atmosphere that was present in both Burton's and Nolan/Goyer's interpretations of Gotham with its own signature.

Oh and by the way, my love interest is Oriental (I haven't been in a relationship for four years and four months) and I don't believe in hate. Hate is not love and love is not hate and I don't ever swap their definitions. She doesn't have a child either that I'm aware of but I get along fine with kids, after all I'm a big kid myself. Just in case anyone is trying to imposter themselves as me. Believe me it happens though I don't know why. I think that my stalkers want others to believe that I am someone else in a relationship with a member of their club. Its that same bizarre form of identity theft of others masquerading as your online identity. So if you see me on the streets, chances are I'll be alone (for now), wearing shorts in the summer (I'm a sucker for warm weather and using bicycle as my main mode of transportation).

I think that the stalkers try to set up a dualistic approach to the things that you do in terms of good (this blog) and bad (my gripes blog), trying to make you compete for your own good, versus someone else they select for such a game. In this sense the cult are thieves of your deeds and do so trying to dump their garbage upon you. So they'll impersonate you as best they can, then try to steal the repute for the good things you do by having a gang of their friends or fellow cult members attack you to put you to the "bad" side of things. The cult then treats the other person as being responsible for your good while you inherit their bad. I am not a member of any such cult by the way that would do such a thing.

I should say hi to my friends from FFP Ltd. (some knew it as Ferretina Film Productions and before that Animation Group Ltd). I hope you're all staying healthy and that life is treating you well and the same goes for you Andrew R. and Tom B. All's as well as it could be given circumstances and maybe soon in the near future it will be a little bit better.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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