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Hello again. Here's my daily spamming of the G+ channel with updates to my stories and a round of harassment complaints. Everything else is well.

There were Updates to Our Place and Heroes Of Our Own

There was once again a lot of attacks during the process of my writing by the local harassment club and once again on the basis of the culture of my love interest being Oriental. All of these stories are not really culture centric in one direction and I try to explore all aspects of life and culture either directly or through allegory.

There have been a lot of threats like "honeymoon chopped!" and other such statements from the harassers. I am not on a honeymoon because of course the harassers have made sure to take any social and career life from me. There is however no really good reason for doing so as I am not abusive but I suppose that by swapping my identity in such a way and soiling my repute in such a way it is difficult to get ahead. That doesn't stop others from trying. I guess stealing the words and deeds from someone whose life you've helped to crush is OK. The dangers of substitution now the question is how to get an investigator to look at the possibility of illegal eavesdropping being conducted in the area.

It seems like they take some kind of benefit that you might be entitled to for their own credit while keeping it secret from the people who offer this benefit that the stories or their effort was stolen by a group of people with this illegal eavesdropping technology and credited to someone else who was then given a gift of some form to pay for the benefit it caused. Heroes Of Our Own has caused a lot of stir in industries related to the beauty industry, but none of that has made its way once to me here.

Others have however received benefit from it in some ways which leads me to believe that someone is stealing the story with the use of this eavesdropping technology. I think that the groups doing this take what you do and use it to fuel their lives or the fact that you write to fuel the career of someone else, treating you like you don't exist if you don't have a "sponsor". Its like a bunch of people in this neighbourhood ganged up on me to steal from me the credit for my words and deeds without giving anything back in return while using them to fuel someone else's life. That's one way the illegal eavesdropping technology could be used and I think that they've been using it for a while on me.

They seem to try to provoke you into making such a judgement then making you seem paranoid or off when you do. Like they lure you into conflict then use the conflict to steal what you do from you and credit it to someone else as part of the rules to their club. I am a member of no such club that would do such a thing so hard to say how I deal with it. Maybe I should quit writing? Many of the group try to credit what you do to others that might have known you like they are swapping your identity with someone.

I've stated this before on other posts, but that idea really comes from the Gnostic ideas about marriage. To Gnostic ideology, the idea of gender is not bound to any one sex. That means that someone male can be a nurturer as much a lady and a lady can take on the role of provider and all of the roles in marriage and relationships are interchangeable. In Gnosticism the idea of same sex marriage has been there from the beginning because the idea of gender is not bound to our physical sex. That's what two become one really means. You can literally understand your partner better if you accept that you are partly feminine as you are masculine. Even our chromosomes reflect the same idea. Anyway, in some brands of this ideology it is common for one partner to carry all of the bad while relinquishing all of the good to the other partner based upon their individual needs for the day. The harassers are people that try to force this idea upon people who have no relationship between them. So they randomly select someone else to swap your identity with along with your deeds, making it almost game like in approach seeing who you end up with by the end of the day. 

The use of eavesdropping technology is one way the groups know who has accomplished something and what there is to take in such a way. The only difference is that they must make sure that credit does not go where it is due. So the clubs that conduct this eavesdropping are literally stealing what they monitor from one person's computer and applying it to someone else's life to fuel their career almost like a couple might do in marriage (including the ideas of Gnostic marriage). The problem is that they are forming up such associations randomly while another part of the community keeps the illusion and literally steals the victim's efforts and credits them elsewhere. So the victim literally sinks while they conduct such effort and someone else literally climbs. Often the victim's identity is literally swapped so the victim ends up with the deeds of the person they've been swapped with. If you were married then I don't see the big deal. If you're anything but in a loving relationship or married then I see a big problem as that is the worst form of theft there is. Taking from someone else the credit for their deeds before they even have a chance to benefit from them. I am a member of no such club that would allow such a thing so there is no excuse for it. I support gay and transgender marriage but I am heterosexual and my love interest is a lady. 

I see the Gnostic explanation of things in this sense as being a pretty well rounded and accepting of others. I don't see using any means to steal the words or deeds from another person or by claims of controlling or manipulating them as being sound at all either. 

Maybe by knowing about this it might protect you. Enjoy the new chapters.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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