Thursday, July 10, 2014


Added a couple new chapters to the story Our Place to go with the tremendous amount of harassment from last night and this morning. I attempted to get as much done as I could before they caught on that I was writing but by about noon they had really gotten out of hand. Another group trying to credit anything that I write to some other people while swapping my identity with someone else. That person seems to be getting the rewards for my efforts

All of this is surrounding the culture of my love interest  (she's Oriental and she's a lady and that's a big no-no to a heritage group in the area). Around here it is literally a large scale game for them in the neighbourhood. This just gets worse as time goes on. They seem to be stealing writing and other things as I do them and crediting them to someone else remotely while keeping it a secret to others that seem to be a part of the same eavesdropping network. Probably trying to make me appear mentally ill which I am not. 

Does anyone know what hell hate is? That is what the members of this club claim they are often doing when doing that. Giving me hell hate. I guess they didn't like my support for gay rights or mixed culture relationships. 

How do community groups or others gain the right to conduct illegal eavesdropping on computers? They can literally use abuse for the purposes of censorship is they want me to stop writing and they are very aggressive in doing so. How does this happen in Canada in 2014? 

Just so you know, it seems to work like key logging as those doing it seem only to react when you associate your name with what you write. That is it broadcasts keystrokes as they occur so anyone could be typing it. Seeing as you might not type anything that would indicate who you are or who the owner of your creative property is if you are a writer, they could literally take anything. The neighbours often comment on it as it is written so there is definitely something very illegal going on. If you are writing creative fiction, the people responsible for the eavesdropping can literally just take it as it is stolen before it is published. I am not saying that my work is that good but that's not the point. Somebody is interested as there are many people involved.

Hate is not love by the way.

I hope you`re having more fun than I am.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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