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Two More Chapters And More To Come


Congratulations to the one hundred couples who "engaged" in record setting same sex marriages with many people in attendance. I think that it's great that Toronto, a modern city with its own quirks and growing pains can host such an event, sending a message of acceptance to other cities of the world. I hope that the message of acceptance extends as much internally as it does for show. Hopefully people will learn to accept without engaging in the mechanics of polarization and the resulting ripples thereto by.

Thank You

Two days ago I found a nice 24" LG Monitor in the garbage, so of course I took it home and much to my surprise with a little tweaking and some driver maintenance I was able to get it working perfectly via HDMI. It makes a huge difference having a dual monitor workspace so to whomever happened to leave that device in the garbage, my humble thanks.

Hate Trouncing

Yesterday and last night specifically, I was "hate trounced" by some people local to my living space (a common side effect of the mechanics of polarization). That just means that a group of people verbally attack you in attempt to build up a negative mind set or even anger in you. I think that such groups believe that when you exhibit such a reaction, that your good literally leaves you and goes to someone else, while you are laden with their bad. This is a way that some people believe they can steal your deeds from you, often by pitting you in situations that would contradict what you propose are your principles in word trying to give the appearances of contradiction in deed or even to wipe out a person's light to become darkness. I don't think there are many that are subject to as much around the clock as frequently as myself by their neighbours in attempt to get a reaction in the like.

Unfortunately because of wide spread illegal monitoring, many people have learned to make a benefit by the theft of other people's words and deeds by keeping their victims under illegal surveillance and "seeing" their output before it gets published or even when it is discussed freely in the privacy of their own home. So what is yours and your creations are now subject to theft by such a group unfortunately that needs to be investigated.

The same sort of activity present in A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth that has victimized many of the characters in the past where Mila, Shaela, Nelony, Yirfir and Jasmer now find themselves trapped.

In that story, the Haven is to the south and there is no correlation or allegory between the geography of the historical or modern world and its current or past political boundaries. The Haven could as easily be Canada as the United States, or Northern Europe and Southern Europe, Or Northern Middle East and the Southern Middle East or North East Asia and South East Asia or Australia. The Haven is literally where you make it, is the point that I'm trying to say. Its not as much a place as it is a way of being. As such the Haven needs to be defended against those who break that way of being down into a structure that could prevail anywhere if we do not stand vigil against it.

Canada, The Common Wealth, Ghosts And Blood Paid

I'm going to jump head first into a topic that is one that I've thought about often and that is the idea based upon the saying "blood paid" which has special significance in many different occasions and in many different ways and how it relates to Canada, The Commonwealth and anywhere that such ideas are protected. I'm going to clarify that definition in order to clear up some grave injustices that have occurred as a result of its misinterpretation and misuse over the years.

The idea of blood paid is often associated with Royalty and therefore has fallen to a variety of misinterpretations over the years, often in support of ideas that really aren't the case at all nor related to what it really means, especially in relation to the definition that relates to the association of a country, its land and its people.

The idea comes from a means of uniting people by their principles rather than by other boundaries that might divide us. A set of principles and ideals upheld by one group of people who've often had to endure in the face of adversity and manipulation as stance in support of their principles and often in spite of who and what it pit them against. Its use in reference to Royalty means literally, that you've earned the right of association by standing for the same ideals, even when challenged upon those ideals as those practised by those of Royalty. 

It could mean the same for any people and just means that the right of association has been earned as such that the person earning so has stood and withstood the tribulations that have challenged someone on the grounds of principle and practice thereof. You've earned the right to bear my support should you need it. I'll vouch for you because you've stood your ground on the principles we mutually share. Those statements could bear the same definition just as likely though blood paid has much deeper ramifications meaning having paid for brotherhood or sisterhood. On the basis of what drives a person beyond their own means and at their own peril should they choose to stay their ground on principle.

The deception arises on the alternate definition, which is often exalted as pertaining to superior heritage and the right thereto conduct oneself in tasks only allowed by others of privileged blood. Meaning that should you choose a vocation and it has been deemed that you do not possess the right blood to bare the right to do so, blood paid has a much different connotation in these circumstances. It is the right of one group of people to charge the price of the credit of ones deeds or carrying the burden of such a sponsor in exchange for their association and sponsorship which gives the right to perform that vocation. That means that for those not possessed of such blood or stock, they bare no right in the eyes of such people to engage in activity that is beyond their station in life. Your children's fate is sealed by their stock and should they prove the ability to exceed that station, it might be taken for the credit by those who follow this second definition as payment for the right to do so.

Of the two definitions, it is this second one that has often found itself the device of the means of dismantling Commonwealths when the people are sold the one idea when in fact the definition is really the first or when a regime is in power that supports the second means which inherently becomes oppressive as even if you bare the ability to do something but you do not bare the stock, you are limited to seek association from someone else who does bare that right in your place. While you toil in effort of that which drives you, they benefit both socially and enigmatically in your place. It would be as if you worked for weeks at a job to great accomplishment, and the hours you'd accumulated went to someone else's time card and social credit or worse, you worked at something for weeks, while baring the burden of someone else's bad deeds in action against your very own principles. 

Consequently people who've lost this allegorical right to take part in society as such are often referred to as Ghosts, meaning they are not alive as they do not possess such association as someone who does have that right and "stock" to do so. Such people who are "Ghosts" are often the victims of much theft of their deeds both socially and enigmatically as they are not seen as being alive and part of this "game". A grave injustice that victimizes many while fuelling the lives of those who'd just take for their own on the basis of entitlement. Theft of word and deed is still the same as such and is no more right despite what name you give it.

Canada And Blood Paid

In Canada, blood paid has a few meanings. It means firstly the veterans of the battles which have been fought prior to and after its birth in support of our principles as a nation and people living within the same borders, by people who gave their lives fighting in defence of those principles having paid the ultimate price. Their blood paid for the freedoms that we live by and enjoy now.

It also means having stood up for and defended the principles that define what Canada is about in terms of its stance on its laws, the rights of its own citizens and global citizens alike and the land that we share as a country.

It also means that as a member of the Commonwealth, having stood up for the same principles and in the service of others, those principles that are defended and in the service of others by the Crown.

It also means having stood up for by word or deed and or both, the defining principles of Canada and its people together even under the opposition and peril of those who'd undermine those principles and the cost thus far paid.

It does not mean that you need to pay for someone else's blood by giving up your word and deed to someone else to bare the right to do anything unless within the confines of the law, you are required to seek license or mentor ship there to do so.

What you have to share is shared by principle and love and not by entitlement. That's what makes it special when you do choose to share. That's also what makes it special when you put yourself at risk to defend what Canada is about.

These words may be easy to type but they were not easily come by, and not by someone who told me what to say, but by my living it and at my own peril and not stolen by me from anyone else for I seek no payment as such from others as much as I do not pay others for the same.

Enjoy your Canada Day Weekend and Happy Canada Day,

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

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