Sunday, June 22, 2014

World Pride 2014

Greetings once again.

In Toronto they've started the festivities of the World Pride 2014 festival. There's plenty of entertainment and activities to be found. Just check the web site for more information. In case you haven't guessed I am a supporter. All the best to those taking part in the festivities as its a great way to welcome in the summer.

Speaking of summer, we just had the summer solstice which of course is the point at which we have the most hours of sun and the longest day of the year. Read about it on the link above. It is connected with many traditions both modern an ancient and was considered the most important and peak of the growing season by those that cultivate food. 

It also forms the basis and setting for Shakespeare's A Mid Summer Night's Dream, which was perhaps one of Shakespeare's riskiest comedic plays that did not explore the world of debauchery and politics but in fact explored the world of sexuality, feminism and gender identity. Read the full play here care of MIT.

Speaking of MIT, did you ever want a university education but didn't have the time or resources? Well its not too late because you can take many courses online for free thanks to edX. They offer a wide variety of courses that are given by many of the world's top universities in a variety of different topics from computer science to zoology. So there's no better time than the present to engage yourself in the wonders of yearning and learning.

Speaking of yearning and learning, there have been a few new additions A Lady's Prerogative: Wounded Aerth since my last post. I spent most of the weekend getting battered once again by my abusive stalkers so that didn't leave much space for writing. I just usually take a few days to recover and recharge with the words of Chumbawamba...

I did manage to get in a few chapters in Heroes Of Our Own since the last post. You might want to peruse them once you're finished reading A Mid Summer Night's Dream.

Whatever corner of the world you're from

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

PS. Not a half an hour after this post, the same people with some others started the same thing all over again.

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