Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Apology to my readers...

Brian Joseph Johns

I thought about this very carefully and about the obstacles to writing and the activities of some malicious individuals seeking to torment me for whatever reason. Then I thought about the fact that during such times of hardship I should be more willing to defend the things that I care about and that catch my eye in this world so I can praise them in my own way through my stories.

So. I have decided to continue them regardless of what malice is thrown at me as there are more people to consider in this than just myself.

To my readers please accept my most humble apology. I'll get right back on it and I'll try to keep the updates coming as often as I can. Don't let others do the same thing to you. 

When they come to the end of their road, they'll only have one person left to answer to and that's themselves and that's the one person to whom you cannot lie.

Stay Safe And Be Well

and most of all,
Thank you

Brian Joseph Johns

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