Saturday, November 30, 2013

In Support Of A Post On A Social Network Yesterday

Yesterday, I missed highlighting a few points that I came across in my online travels and as such I am going to give them the attention that they deserve here.

They are in regard to the policy that Police Officers sometimes have to take when dealing with an armed assailant who is wielding a knife or blade. The post showed an Officer who was in a clinic receiving treatment for numerous knife wounds that he had succumbed to while trying to disarm an assailant. His wounds were severe and horrifying needless to say and those were wounds he received trying to protect both the victims of the attacker and the attacker himself. 

My statements in response for the Police in such incidents follows:

It must be a tough choice weighing between the protection and preservation of innocent bystanders and the protection of the assailant. What most people likely fail to understand is that it is often a choice that has to be made in seconds, if not less. That is a pressure and a huge responsibility that lies in the hands of those officers. Sometimes no matter what choice they make as officers brings them scorn but one thing is for certain, we don't get to experience the alternate reality of what might have happened if they didn't act (which thoughtfully is the poster's point). To show up on the scene and to instantly understand and diffuse the situation is a challenging task. One that few people could likely rationalize or understand. As much effort should be spent celebrating their life saving successes. 

We can't count how many lives are saved after we build the cross walk, but we can count how many lives are lost before its there. 

Thanks to Officers who must make those choices and to the poster for bringing that point up.

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