Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Identity Theft Heads Up...

I just want to send out a warning that someone else (probably close to my location) may be impersonating my online account, though it might be someone in another location. There are a group that sets up in some neighbourhoods, conducting illegal civilian based surveillance who employ a technology that allows them to steal passwords or view the contents of a computer screen from a distance, even without an internet connection.

I am Brian Joseph Johns, the person who wrote the stories on this site and one can confirm my identity through my friends and family, along with others who know me by my identity in person. This has been the case for a while as there seems to be a club of some form that conducts this kind of activity, swapping the identities of two people against their will. This group has been using this as a means of taking credit for the good deeds of others' while doing little to nothing of their own. Meanwhile you might get verbally throttled in public for their deeds. I am not talking about celebrities of course but people who want to take the identities of others because they've perfected a method of doing so. Keep an eye out on facebook for others who do this, masquerading as a celebrity while not being or representing the celebrity officially or in a context that is conducive of their identity.

The group that I am talking about use this as a method of stealing a person's identity so they can impersonate them in another location, pretending to be that person and to benefit from their activities.

In my current location (in the Sherbourne And Dundas area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada) there has been much activity of this kind and there seems to be some kind of value in impersonating me, while I want nothing other than to be myself (as financially poor and destitute as I currently am). Most of my location information is posted exactly as it is in reality and I live alone. Identity verification is tough when you barely make enough to be able to afford a phone, as that is the prime means that Google use for account verification. The internet acts as my phone for now.

Enough of that as I'm sure there are people who know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, in other news, the final ending and Epilogue for A Lady's Perogative is done, and though there might be a few changes throughout the story to bridge the plot elements correctly and clean it up in the next month, I would say that it's done. I look forward to writing the next instalment which is entitled A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth. The Epilogue gives sets the stage for Wounded Aerth.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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