Monday, February 3, 2014

New Chapters, Some Philosophy, Toronto And Mayor Rob Ford, ASMR, Philip Seymour Hoffman And Something To Combat Identity Theft And See The Real Me

New Chapters

I hope that you all had a great weekend and that the start of the week has been equally good. Last week I had a bit of time to work on A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth and Heroes Of Our Own, both of which received at least a new chapter (A Lady's Perogative:Wounded Aerth received a few).

Just a word of warning that some of the topics in Wounded Aerth being covered are a bit controversial depending upon your beliefs. I would ask readers to remember that it is an in progress effort and that elements encountered in the story now do not reflect the overall viewpoint reflected while we are still early in the plot arc. Ideas are being challenged and will be explored and challenged much further before it is over.

Heroes Of Our Own is my personal interpretation of the superhero genre, cosplay and the fashion industry and definitely pays its homage to all of those areas the of story. It is still early in the plot but it is picking up momentum.

Stories From The End as ambitious as it started has slowed although I know the rest of the story from here, it is just a matter of writing it down. I apologize to those who are awaiting the conclusion. See the following paragraphs for an explanation of why the new chapters have been delayed so much.

Wanted: Troll Detection System

Thankfully I managed to write for two days undetected by my personal trolls (people close by that make life and writing like hell) so that was a peaceful experience and I managed to produce some chapters that required the least rewrites. That goes to show you that the act of creating something isn't dependent upon someone else artificially inducing pain or tormenting you while you do. They made up for lost time though after they found out and I'm still recovering from that now. I'm literally in bed sick as I write this.

Philosophy And Polarity And Control

On the philosophy side of things, hate and love might be the polar opposites to balance and alike in their amplitude from perfect balance, but they are not alike in practice. You'll get two very different results by the abundant application of either. 

Love will cause the body to create life prolonging and healing properties within the human body while hate will cause the body to fail in the production of what is necessary for good health. 

Beware of those using abundant hate to transform the world or to build an abundance of such that they later consume for themselves by reversing the polarity and consuming it as love. 

During that process what was formerly love becomes hate so they're still leaving everyone else with all of their residual leftovers of that negative emotion. 

Beware of others that consider it necessary to keep a balanced quota between the exceptions that you show to those that are dear to you and others who are not. Getting away with things that you would only accept of those very dear to you is often the means that such a group believe that they can use to control you. 

We could learn a lot from the Far East and other parts of the world in regard to their respect of these ideas as well as those who in western philosophies and faiths that have learned stave off the ideas of hate manifesting as a means emotional consumption and for emotional manipulation of others.

The Mayor Rob Ford Scandal: Taking Back The City

A good example of people using this as a method of control is the recent bad publicity that the city of Toronto and its Mayor experienced in controversy by giving exception to and being blackmailed by a gang and a crack dealer. 

To the people involved they believe that the citizens of Toronto are now under the Mayor who is under a crack cocaine dealer and that a crack dealer is in charge (he's subverted the Mayor of a major city of four million people). 

The only way to deal with such a thing is to deal with it in the like. I think that it takes a very goofy person to deal crack cocaine in the first place and worse, it takes an even goofier person to lure women into selling their bodies to pay for their addiction to it.

Now by me, a computer nerd referring to crack cocaine dealers in such a way, that does not mean that I expect the subservience of the citizens of Toronto or its Mayor because I took it back from a crack cocaine dealer. I don't expect anything at all except a bit of peace and quiet and for the world to look at the city for what it is, a great place to live, visit, shoot movies, enjoy the diversity and selection of hospitality, live the night life and do business and that like most cities in the world has its growing pains and share of bad elements.

I just happen to believe that the citizens of Toronto are not garbage bags for a crack dealer. I voted for a Mayor (though I won't say which one I voted for). I didn't vote for a goofy crack dealer so I am taking back our city and giving it back to the people of Toronto and its voters and the Mayor.

Also, nobody in the city or in the world is my garbage bag so don't take this as my attempt to do anything like subvert others to me in any way because its not. I wrote these paragraphs, nobody else did. The words left my mouth not anyone else's. Its my gift to Toronto and none of it is hate means love. Said as it is meant.

I'll still go outside and lead my life as usual, unafraid.

ASMR: A Chance To Heal

For those of you looking for a cure or a means to rebalance the damage that one might experience as a result of being subjected to an abundance of hate, see ASMR on youtube or check my Channels And Sites page and the Healing And Well Being and ASMR section to find places to heal. Thanks to all the people involved in the process of helping others to heal emotionally.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

My condolences to the family, friends and fans of Philip Seymour Hoffman who died recently. You might remember him from his performances in The Big Lebowski, State And Main (with Julia Stiles and Sarah Jessica Parker), CapoteMission Impossible III (my personal favourite of that franchise next to Mission Impossible II, featuring Michelle MonoghanMaggie Q and directed by J.J. Abrams) and Hunger Games: Catching Fire with two more Hunger Games productions still to come featuring his character from Catching Fire. You are already missed buddy.

Need For Speed: World

I've been putting off my review of Need For Speed: World, an MMO driving game but suffice it to know that I have played it and it is a great MMO sandbox driving experience. A full review is coming for certain.

Something To Verify My Identity In Person And Online

I made a video recently and posted it to youtube in hopes of clearing up some of the issues related to the form of identity theft that I've encountered during the process of trying to flesh out and protect my online persona as well as my in person identity.

Basically by watching it you'll learn a bit more about me and the very modest bachelor pad that I live in where I do most of my writing. You might learn some personal details about me that you might not (or might) want to know but all in all it verifies my identity and as the writer of these stories. You can also put a voice to my words.

I am 46 years old, 6 ft tall, 155 lbs and sometimes wear glasses and sometimes not. I am single and have been for four years. I am monogamous and have never been promiscuous in a relationship. I have no criminal record or charges. I do not use, buy or sell narcotics and that definitely includes crack cocaine. 

After that you might be able to have a good laugh.

Stay well,
Brian Joseph Johns

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