Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had great holidays and got a chance to take a break and be in the presence of those they love regardless of what you celebrate at this time of year.

I had the chance to visit with family and friends, though not as many as I would have liked to but I still had a great time having my butt whooped at Scattergories and playing and singing carols. Speaking of board games, check out Geek And Sundry, which puts celebrities in modern day board game and video game matches against one another in friendly competition and hosted by Wil Wheaton.

My New Years plans didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped, but it was still nice to make sure that some one else that I care about was doing well and that's the important thing.

My writing schedule is going to be a little bit messed up for the next little while as I deal with some other things in life and I feel like I've already paid the emotional investment for the next few chapters of A Lady's Perogative: Wounded Aerth so hopefully that won't be too taxing on anyone else. 

I'm working on a software package that should be released sometime in the near future as well if things go as planned so bouncing time around between that, writing and some other volunteer activities for good causes (which have kind of slowed after someone in my proximity stole my identity for doing such resulting in a personal financial loss for myself). 

Modern identity theft can take on some very disturbing methods and modes as more people figure out ways to impersonate and benefit from your online identity in public, and do the same with your public identity online often damaging one or the other. As a single guy who struggles for what he makes, that can be pretty damaging especially when you're hit like that during the holiday season. For those of you out there, heads up for such activity in your proximity as your identity has value and identity impersonation has become a modern risk both online and offline.

I have plans to jump back and forth between stories and finally finish Stories From The End within the next two months if I get the peace and the right frame of mind. The frame of mind part is rarely a problem but having peace enough to write is difficult as I'm sure that there are many people that can attest to that. Relocation may soon be in order if things work out correctly and that will most likely have a positive effect upon the timing of completion as the biggest hurdle right now is in my living circumstances. Great apartment and management in the midst of difficult elements for aspiring writers.

Some other ladies that have recently crossed my mind with regard to notable influences upon A Lady's Perogative that I have forgotten to mention in the prior posts are Jamie Lee Curtis whose roles and performances have always been overwhelming in terms of her boldness and beauty (I recently saw a deserving tribute to her work in film) and Sofia Coppola (I saw The Godfather: Part III recently in which she performed, not to mention her many directing credits and cameos) and Maggie Cheung (her inspirational history in film and for her performance in Hero alongside Jet Li, Tony Leung and Donnie Yen). Also in Hero is Zhang Ziyi, a great actress and a trained ballerina. I highly recommend the film Hero as it is a work of visual art and inspired many great filming techniques behind modern film making, art direction and direction of photography like the film ElektraElektra is a Marvel superhero inspired martial arts action film starring Jennifer Garner (she was already mentioned in the previous post). Elektra was the love interest of and of course fought alongside Daredevil in the movie of the same name which was directed by Jon Favreau who of course directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

As well, I'll be posting a review of Need For Speed: World, a great massively multiplayer online racing game in the next week or two.

Until then stay well and all the best.

Brian Joseph Johns

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