Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stories Update...

Stories Update:

The stories from have been moved from here to their own respective sites since I last updated them here almost a year ago. I hadn't been managing the site frequently and therefore hadn't notified anyone.

In that time some of the books have been finished and a sequel started (in the case of The Butterfly Dragon). 

Meanwhile in a similar note, A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth is finally finished though there might be a second draft edit soon.

A Lady's Prerogative stories are all now located at:
  • Testament Of Time - [In Progress] 
    A group of strangers awaken in a cramped dungeon, each from a different place and possibly a different time. A couple searches the world for clues to an ancient mystery. A pair of friends two centuries in the past are about to stumble upon that mystery. 

    Now in its own home at Original fiction. In progress. Updated infrequently.
The Butterfly Dragon stories are all now located at:

  • The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own - [Finished]
    A beautiful fashion designer and her struggle to match the expectations of her. A long lost friend from high school with a secret that could change everything. A nemesis motivated by power and greed.

    Now in its own home at 
    Original fiction. Finished.

  • The Butterfly Dragon II: Dragon Butterfly - [In Progress]

    Alicia, Heylyn, Monique and Valeria are back in the second tale of The Butterfly Dragon.

    Heylyn Yates adopts a child after she travels to Japan, Korea and China in search of the answers her parents' death and to find the secret of the ancient Oriental children's tale told to Heylyn Yates by her Mother and Grandmother and ultimately her hidden legacy.

    Alicia and Norler have found love in one another and are looking to start a family. If her alter ego, her career and their dedication to their work don't get in the way, then a side effect with the SY formula that resulted in her powers might...

    Meanwhile the heroes find themselves the targets of Mr. Zek's replacement who is even more devious and dangerous, using hidden video, blackmail social media and their secrets to ruin them and their reputations forever.

    A serial killer who selects their victims carefully has been leaving victims scattered throughout the city. One of the girls, her super powers revealed becomes the prime suspect.

    All of these stories collide in Toronto, Canada at Dundas Square where a touring fashion show, Alicia's research and The Butterfly Dragon stand off against an ancient threat to the future of the world itself:

    The Dragon Butterfly.

    Now in its own home at 
    Original fiction. In progress.
  • The Archive - [In Progress] 
    Set in the future where the entire world of organic and inorganic matter takes part in simulation and computation. Enter Hadden, an Archivist who retrieves animal and plant specimens from simulations of our past to replace those missing from the genetic record. He finds himself embroiled in a plot with galactic consequences when he is asked to take part in a real life retrieval with the mysterious woman of his dreams...

    Now in its own home at Original fiction. In progress. Updated frequently.
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