Sunday, September 15, 2013

Updates Finally

I managed to get a wide variety done on a few of the stories. On Friday evening I started the ball rolling and on Sunday morning I am taking a break until the afternoon.

The first and perhaps most prolific are the additions to A Lady's Perogative which introduces a new character and the owner of the shop where the ladies have transported themselves from Mila's home. Barris' character is explored a bit further and we find out a bit more about location of Estate where Yirfir is likely being held.

In Stories From The End Of The World, Rysalin and Trent finally get moving with a mission and purpose for themselves while Stanton and friends attempt their rescue of Stanton's daughter from the clutches of Foller. This was one of the largest updates for the story in a long time and starts connecting the dots to the mystery.

Finally in the fan fiction A Knight To Remember, we find Sheylin under the immense pressure of the mission before her and learn of what the mysterious apprentice of the Sith was in search of before they depart for their first leg of the journey.

I revisited A Testament Of Time in hopes of continuing Susannia and Margaret's time together. That story will become the focus in place of A Lady's Perogative once its done.

The Answer Is In The Keys will be getting a long overdue update in the next three months, but no promises yet.

Sorry for the long delay and I'll try to post regular updates as I can so a not to lose momentum.

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