Wednesday, September 18, 2013

About Swapping The Definitions Of Hate And Love

I need to talk about something that's been creating some confusion and that is the idea of swapping the definitions of hate and love.

I am not a member of any club or organization or faith or other ideology that would propose swapping the definition of love and hate and I would never do so myself, that is swap the definitions of hate and love with each other so they mean the opposite.

I have never been a member of any club that would do so and use such a swapping of definitions to my advantage or other wise. 

Say what you mean and try to do what you say.

I've never been any other way than that except in growing up and learning the hard lessons that go with understanding the merit of doing so.

Hate has never meant anything other than hate to me but I've never been a hater or hateful, though I've been mad and upset. 

Love is the same but I believe there are a multitude of emotions in between the those two extremes and that you can understand one without knowing the other in the case of knowing love.

I've never spoken to someone lovingly while inside feeling hateful towards them. Likewise I have never been scornful towards anyone meaning anything different than scorn, though most often but not always it is confusion or misunderstanding and occasionally, manipulation.

So for anyone that has ever been told that I mean the opposite of what I intended or said, that is not the case nor has it ever been the case. How do you know I'm not lying?

Standing on our feet and upright, the sky is above our heads and the ground beneath our feet.

Enough said.

Brian Joseph Johns

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