Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thoughts On Women And Men And Understanding. Thank you Anita.

I've been reading and following a bit about someone named Anita Sarkeesian, an outspoken media philosopher and feminist and sometimes critic of how women are portrayed in media.

Interestingly enough, I read that she is also a victim of cyber abuse as well unfortunately and very much undeservedly considering the nature of her efforts. My abusers and stalkers usually target me in real life and rarely if ever online and always in numbers. I thought I'd express some of my views on media and sexism.

I think most guys are pretty good when it comes to their treatment of women but there are always a few that make a bad name and sometimes some things just slip by without much thought at all by even the most sensitive of us.

Our impression of how we deal with and treat women is impacted by what we take in from media sources up to an age and point that I think we are the most impressionable. It is in this time that learning about relationships with members of the complimentary sex are very important and relating their feelings to ours.

Ultimately though I think that as we get older, our ideas of relationship are influenced by sexuality and how we perceive and often fantasize about the sex we are attracted to and hopefully are more focused around the person they are than and over idealization of our visual desires. Often we are attracted to the person that our mind loves and we find that person very visually appealing. The concept of a shared idea of visual sexuality will always exist and change in society as it has many times throughout history and is often represented in our art and media (See Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet and Vargas for example). Nudity and the human body are not any part of ugliness at all and make up part of a whole concept.

How women are treated or presented on the other hand within the context of any media form is something to think about and especially the age group to which that presentation is targeted. Media in all of its forms has a history of growing and maturing with society and as such, books, radio, television, movies and now video games have all gone through that process from their conceptualization through to their maturity. However that process requires voices to be active and express grievances so that it will help all sides grow and understand one another. Ultimately what someone like Anita does for video games and media will bring more women into gaming and from that stand point, it is a good thing for us all. Its kind of nice to rescue each other.

In terms of mature sexuality, I believe that`s not a liability of human existence like some people but a device in the language of the expression of love. However in most media forms that expression as it starts is often objectified for an audience in sacrifice of plot, story and meaningful characters that the audience actually care about in order to lure them on the basis of their hormones rather than their minds. This is usually the case until it matures as a form of media and many have already gone through this transformation. We see in modern media such books, television shows, movies and directors that take all their characters seriously rather than relying on type casts or stereotypes to reach the audience in regard to both the nature of people and the various gender identities. Many of the ideas that hinder progress run rampant through society as we speak (such as those who attempt to peak hate amongst others socially mostly to control them) but ultimately in the long run the better sensibility that takes people in this holistic idea will win.

Sexuality will always have a place in our media and there will likely be exploitation to go along with it as long as people are not educated not just about sex, but about actually developing empathic relationships with members of their complimentary sex (by that I mean the sex one is attracted to) and ultimately with both sexes. As a device for building tension in the plot or character interaction it can be quite effective as long as its context is not lost. Play will always exist and play can be fun with a partner as long as it is mutual.

To help some guys better understand what it must be like for some women, here's a thought.

I wonder what it would be like if as guys, we had to wear our sex organs out in some form of "display" in front of us to be thought of as "attractive", kind of like a push up bra for our privates, maybe with a pair of tight shorts or something so that women could whistle at us and give us cat calls or comment about us if our privates were "too small".

I for one would lose out often because I am not overly well endowed and I wonder how that would make me feel in comparison to other guys that were. That would be the case if guys wore their privates like some women are pressured into wearing or baring their breasts. Hopefully for most people their sense of self esteem isn't related to the size of the their genitalia or other parts of their anatomy but rather their whole being. Personal beauty can always be captured by good artists, and not because they make it better than it is, but rather they are good at seeing it for all its glory both inside and out.

So if guys were exposed in a similar manner, there might be a different attitude from many of them, and unfortunately it has been women who've had that to bare for the rest of us (seeing as that part of their anatomy is often subject to conjecture because it is prominent), so naturally I'd listen to what they have to say in that regard.

Imagine if we were on display like that and then judged by our size. I think you'd find that a lot guys would behave much differently and you'd probably have a lot more men talking about sexual exploitation.

Listen to what she has to say because in the end, its only going to be good for the gaming community because more women will feel welcome because they won't be subject to confidence issues regarding how they will be accepted. They're always welcome to the game and as we see more games and media sources recognizing this, the more time we'll share in those media sources.

Stay Safe And Be Well
Brian Joseph Johns

PS: I was not possessed or controlled by anyone into posting this. Just another way that thieves of what other people say and do operate. If you believe it, then you're believing a lie and chances are there's many more that such ideas are built upon.

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