Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Quiet Sunset For Us And Wii (Twelve Years Layter)

I watched the sunrise quietly,
Up 'til noon and on til three.
Across the sky fold was it swept,
creeping gently while I wept.

When I'm alone I'm not afraid

Though you keep me in a cage
Poke me with your poking stick
Test me out. Measure my wit.

I'm alive, of that I'm sure.

You seem to need me for your cure.
Your boredom wrought from life unused,
my vigor for it you've pursued.

There are people who will steal,

your life and being, your free will.
When you let them, they will take,
everything you've let them break.

Defend it all with your love.
We're given gifts all from above.
How you see that is your take,
in the end it's us at stake.

Two are one and one are wii,

if this is truth though can it be?
A timeless voyage have I sojourned,
another bridge that I have burned?

A thief once did come to my life,

and took away by point of knife.
A love of illusion, an inner wealth,
my love of life, my mental health.

I told some people about this plight,

they turned and said "that's life".
And though no answers did I find,
the sun went down and I was blind.

It's all a market, don't waste your time,
with those who sell what's not their rhyme.
Their only audience lured by confusion,
The real magic is through art's illusion.

There's something that I need to ask you to share with me my friend.
You. And I won't forget your contact with me from way over there.
I miss you though I never really knew you.
I feel like it was yesterday, though my age did jump.

Brian Joseph Johns

Copyright 2002, 2013 Brian Joseph Johns

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