Saturday, March 30, 2013


She smiles and looks
I notice and return glance
I was not her choice

The silence speaks words
I listen and wait for her
Her words can't be heard

Silence is not golden
It cannot be heard by us
You're the only one

There is no us just
You and I but We are Us
And we combined

Their words sting sometimes
I salve the hurt with your love
I don't hurt any more

It is just a trick
My heart tells me it is real
My love's a fierce beast

It's tender but bold
Mess it up and it's deadly
It protects our love

It never hurts you
You are free and so is love
Beasts protect freedom

You choose my pure heart
I've been waiting a long time
You've been there all along

My fear is nought pure
It yields before my courage
You've learnt my faith true

I'm nought lone with her
Her tender kiss at distance
Her words can be felt

© Copyright 2011-2025 Brian Joseph Johns

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